Read what new members of The Redeemer have to say
  • “The Redeemer...what a special place. We felt welcomed from the time we first came through the door. Then, the inspires! The preaching is so very well done, it speaks to our intellect as well as to our spirit. A special place ...rare, in fact: we always leave The Redeemer both stirred and challenged to be better Christians.”
  • “Our children began singing in the children’s choirs, and that got us in the door. Since then, many things have kept us coming! The thoughtful and principled sermons, the introspection and unity fostered by the liturgy, the energetic adult forums, the spiritually and emotionally inspiring musical worship, and a growing sense of belonging to a greater community have all inspired us to attend The Redeemer.”
  • “I knew I wanted to find a place to attend services when I moved back to the area. I had a lot of change and stress in my life at that point and I felt so blessed to have The Redeemer to come to. People were friendly and supportive and generous right away and I’m so, so grateful for that.”
  •  “Church of the Redeemer does not have an ulterior motive. You won’t feel compelled to join a committee or teach Sunday School the moment you arrive. You will be allowed to walk through the doors on your own terms, take respite in the calm beauty of the sanctuary, and find nourishment for your heart, mind and soul. When you are ready, there will be plenty of opportunities to volunteer and serve, but these opportunities don’t overshadow the importance of individual and communal worship, of finding peace each Sunday in the midst of a chaotic world.”
  • “Come see for yourself what The Redeemer brings into your life. Get involved and volunteer. The adult forum runs the same time as children’s religious education, give it a try. Everyone is so kind and welcoming.”
  • “Be prepared to be surprised, nourished, and welcomed in many ways!”?

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Last Published: September 13, 2017 3:26 PM