Classic Whiffenpoofs Coming - October 28 at 4pm

Concert to Benefit ElderNet, ECS and IHN

In 2011, a group of  Yale Whiffenpoofs from the classes of 1962 through 1966 decided their great arrangements from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s should live on and be enjoyed by audiences today. Thus was born the Classic Whiffenpoofs, who, each year, spend the better part of a week, giving concerts in a New England/Mid Atlantic location. This year it is the Main Line. (You might remember they were a great hit when they were here in 2014.) 

The October 28 concert should be another success: great entertainment, an opportunity to raise money for three deserving organizations and, as Peter Vanderveen often says, a chance to introduce people to The Redeemer in a non-threatening way. What could be less threatening than 13 “little black sheep who have lost their way?”  So, get the word out by word of mouth, Facebook and Twitter, come to the concert and bring friends.
Patron tickets with acknowledgments in the program  are $75 while regular advance tickets are priced at $30. Both are available at Tickets at the door are $35 but, with an expected near-sell out, advanced purchases are recommended.
Whiffenpoofs photo
Last Published: September 25, 2017 4:11 PM