Associate Rector Job Opening-January 2019

Job Description: Associate Rector

Liturgical Leadership and Pastoral Care

The Associate Rector will share in the comprehensive ministry of the parish, working with the clergy and support staff to establish vision and goals, assess current ministries, and serve the needs of the congregation.

All members of the clergy take part in Sunday worship, regularly preaching and presiding. The Associate Rector will be responsible for the oversight of the Children and Youth committee and for contributing written material for the weekly News, a clergy blog, and the monthly Voice publications.

The Associate Rector will provide the primary pastoral care for Redeemer families.

Oversight and Advancement of Formation Programs


In all discussion of formation at The Redeemer, the term children refers to students in Pre-K-5th grade. The term youth refers to students in grades 6-12.

For the past two years, members of the staff have been developing an Arc of Formation, which describes in incremental stages the proficiencies appropriate to personal faith development. The Faith Development Milestones established for each identified age group detail how and in what manner children, youth, and adults should be able to engage in worship and what they should know and understand regarding the Christian faith. The full sweep of the Arc envisions a steady progression in skills and the development of habits important to the faith, and it provides a comprehensive picture of the substance and reason for the church’s programs.

A preliminary draft of the Arc and its component Milestones was first presented to the vestry in January 2017. This draft has been further developed, refined and expanded, and ultimately it will include a full articulation of stages of formation for adults. It will form the basis for program assessment and development, and it will be a prime document for communicating the value of The Redeemer’s formation opportunities. 


The primary Formation programs for children are Catechesis (Level 1 - for PreK through 1st Grade) and Godly Play (Grades 2-5), which meet after the 9:00 AM service. Tory Dunkle (M-Div), the Director of Children’s Ministries has primary oversight of these classes.

The Sunday morning Formation program for youth in Grades 6-7 is lay led and uses the curriculum “Weaving God’s Promises.” The formation program for students in grades 8-9 is also lay led and uses the curriculum “Living the Good News.” Confirmation classes are held bi-annually, and they are principally led by the Associate Rector, with help from the other clergy.

The Sunday evening Redeemer Youth Group (RYG) for high school students is led by a parishioner who is enrolled at Villanova in a Master of Practical Theology program. The RYG is a burgeoning group that is gaining community-wide members and support.

We have traditionally experienced a significant loss in participation by adult members when their children reach college age. While there are many identified reasons for this, one primary issue is that parents are largely involved on behalf of their children and don’t recognize their own faith development as primary. Our goal is to develop programs that engage adults through and beyond their parenting years.


The Associate Rector will have oversight over the full scope of formation programs.

Prime responsibilities will be the further development and implementation of the Arc of Formation, building a cohesive set of programs involving the key components of worship, outreach, and fellowship for all age groups, being pastorally present to families and youth, and working with the Director of Communications to effectively convey the goals and objectives of the programs and to increase participation.

An ideal candidate will have a passion for providing Christian formation across the full span of generations, for children, youth and adults, and for developing ways to engage parishioners in faith journeys, through worship, service and the building of community.

Because the church is particularly well suited for intergenerational efforts and intergenerational work is so beneficial to youth, the Associate Rector will also seek ways to engage the youth in ongoing outreach efforts that involve adults of all ages.

Ideal Candidate

An ideal candidate will have the following qualities:

  1. A warm, accessible, and energetic approach to and appreciation of all people, whether or not they are members of this congregation
  2. A commitment to nurture spiritual growth and to foster a sense of community, welcoming all to God’s table 
  3. An openness to a sense of worship that is both ancient and contemporary
  4. A commitment to church growth
  5. An ability to work collegially with the Rector and other staff as well as church volunteers, and an openness to professional and personal development
  6. A strong skill set in organization and administration
  7. The ability to write and speak well

The Associate Rector will excel in the following essential functions:

  • supporting the lay leadership and the Director of Children’s Ministries and monitoring program staffing to ensure continuity.
  • creatively working with staff to provide a context within which youth can develop and actively practice Christian faith
  • assisting in youth programming and recruiting, training and supporting adult volunteers.

Salary and Benefits

Salary and benefits will be determined according to the guidelines of the Diocese of Pennsylvania and commensurate with experience.

Mail or email resumes to:
The Rev. Peter T. Vanderveen, Rector
Church of the Redeemer
230 Pennswood Road
Bryn Mawr, PA  19010

Last Published: January 18, 2019 3:13 PM