Liturgy 101 Class

Why We Do What We Do

Virginia Theological Seminary’s Liturgics professor James Farwell, has suggested: “The understanding that we seek of the liturgy is aimed, in the end, not at being informed about the liturgy, but being ready to be formed by it, to embody the love of the One who first loved us.” Farwell is certainly right – Sunday morning isn’t simply about “knowing” but about presenting ourselves before God and one another. But can we be formed by something as rich as our Anglican liturgy without some understanding? Does our Sunday morning truly shape our lives outside of The Redeemer if we leave church confused or underwhelmed? Join the Rev. Michael Palmisano as we delve into the structure, theology, and history of the Church’s liturgy from Word to Table and discover how to present ourselves more fully to “…the One who first loved us.” Classes will meet in the Parish House Annex from 7:30-8:30am each Tuesday morning from October 22nd through November 26th. Please email Michael Palmisano to register and for more information.


Last Published: October 5, 2019 11:27 AM