Good News in the Time of Coronavirus

Via Zoom on Monday evenings from 7:30-8:30pm

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It’s hard to turn anywhere right now without being flooded by bad news. Every time I open my News app I’m swamped by stories of uncertainty and worry. Every Zoom, Facetime, G-chat and phone call I share with friends, families, and coworkers serves as an implicit reminder that something is just “off.” If I can even find a trail to run on, it seems every conversation I overhear is rooted in anxiety. It’s nearly impossible to get through a single day without thinking about the virus and all its seen and unforeseen consequences.

However, the story of the Gospel speaks an entirely different voice into the cacophony of noises we hear around us. This is because the Church’s Gospel story is first and foremost Good News. This is true from a semantic standpoint: the word “Gospel” comes from a Greek word that simply means “Good News.” And, the Gospel is also Good News in an absolute way: the Gospel isn’t just a story of good news amidst countless others – both good and bad – but rather it is the best news the world could ever hear. This is because the Good News of the Gospel promises that resurrection always comes after the grave. We are a Good News people.

Join Associate Rector, Michael Palmisano as we both share good news with one another and discuss the formative power of the Good News in the time of coronavirus. We will gather via Zoom on Monday evenings from 7:30-8:30pm. For more information please email Michael Palmisano

Last Published: March 24, 2020 2:46 PM