Community Space Rental

The Redeemer makes various rooms available to parishioners, not-for-profit and for-profit groups. Given the type, size of group and dates requested, Redeemer will provide you with the options available for your event. Following is a sample list of the rooms and approximate charges associated with those specific rooms. Prior to finalizing your reservation, we will review with you the various options and request that you read and agree to the policies for the use of church facilities.

Located in beautiful Bryn Mawr, our church has hosted many wonderful concerts since the sanctuary opened in the 1880s. Newly renovated with advanced lighting systems and an upgraded sound system, this historic space provides an excellent venue for today’s artists. Rates and availability will vary throughout the year.

Meeting Rooms Available for Rental
Contact Office Coordinator

Please contact our Office Coordinator 610-525-2486 ext. 10 with any questions.