New Locations During Construction

All of this information has somewhat changed due to Coronavirus. Please see the listing of our ongoing Zoom gatherings here.

The Parish House Annex is comprised of temporary units located next to the Church on the Pennswood Road side.
The Youth Cottage (217 Pennswood Road) is directly across Pennswood Road from the Church and set back next to the house where the Temporary Offices are located in 211 Pennswood Road

Parish Offices
211 Pennswood Road.
When you visit, park in the spaces at the front of the house or more parking in the rear of the house. Please do not park on Pennswood Road during the week.

Church School
Nursery – Infant to Age 3   Parish House Annex Room 2
Catechesis I – Age 3   Parish House Annex Room 1
Godly Play – Grades 1-3   Parish House Annex Room 4B
Good Shepherd – Grades 4 & 5   Parish House Annex Room 4A

Youth Programs
WPG 13 – Grades 6-8   Youth Cottage at 217 Pennswood Road
Youth Confirmation   Youth Cottage at 217 Pennswood Road
RYG – High School Youth Group   Youth Cottage at 217 Pennswood Road

Adult Forums   Church Nave

Coffee Hour   Parish House Annex

Women Exploring Scripture   Parish House Annex

Gathering of Men   Parish House Annex

Cherub Choir   Parish House Annex

Resident Training Choir   Parish House Annex

Twelve Step Groups   Parish House Annex

Most Parish Committees   Parish House Annex

Last Published: May 15, 2020 10:36 AM