Lisa Davis

Lisa Davis and her family have a long-standing history with The Redeemer. Her great- grandmother and members of later generations are laid to rest in the churchyard. But being born and baptized into The Redeemer by Reverend Pickering is where it started for Lisa. The Redeemer has witnessed significant moments in her life, such as her marriage to Bob and the baptisms of their sons, Elliot and Mason. As a family here at the Redeemer, each member has, in their own way have received the call to serve. The Redeemer has offered Lisa many opportunities to stay connected to her professional roots in special events and conference management. She has found great satisfaction in the volunteer roles that serve and benefit outreach. The best example of this is the labor of love that is the Christmas Bazaar, with its myriad of leadership and creativity. She looks forward to the much-anticipated changes to the Parish House, and as a result welcomes the community building opportunities that lay ahead.

Last Published: March 4, 2019 4:10 PM