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November 2, 2013 Benefit for GAIA

On Saturday, November 2, 2013, local supporters and member of The Redeemer’s African Children’s Mission hosted a Benefit for GAIA at the Hill home in Haverford. Jack Whitaker’s story-telling, Susan Watkins’ description of international aid, and warm weather all contributed to a fabulously successful night. 

Altogether, $87,000 was raised to launch services in 7 villages where we will feed, clothe and care for 500 orphans, send 56 of them to high school, employ 28 village women caregivers, and purchase hundreds of goats and bed nets. We exceeded our goal and are immensely grateful for your part.

Click here to view a gallery of photos from the event.

Our Adopted village of Naluso, Malawi
Naluso orphans receive soccer balls from the African Children’s Mission of the Church of the Redeemer deliverd by members of the travel team from Trinity Church, Princeton, NJ.
New GAIA President
Photos from the May 20, 2012 reception for new GAIA president, Todd Schaeffer
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Mission Statement

As Christ cared for and uplifted those most powerless, so, too, the Church of the Redeemer strives to care for those suffering from the devastating impact of AIDS in Africa.  The committee has sought to:

  • Empower our congregation to improve the lives and hopes of children affected by HIV/AIDS through education, child care, home health care, community improvement, and new programs
  • Provide travel team members with a new perspective on life through observation of the positive attitudes prevalent among the Malawians.
  • Develop an interactive educational and spiritual relationship between these children and our parish community through education of our children, young people, and adults
  • Coordinate activities with other faith-based organizations when our mission coincides with their mission
  • Ensure that funds are applied effectively and efficiently to address the pressing needs of these children orphaned by AIDS

In fulfilling its mission, the African Children’s Mission at Redeemer funds community-based projects organized by local leaders to benefit infants and children orphaned by AIDS in Malawi.  We partner with the Global AIDS Interfaith Alliance (GAIA) which not only works with us to identify worthy projects but also provides oversight of the funding to ensure that funds are indeed applied effectively and efficiently.

Redeemer’s African Children’s Mission is led by a group of volunteers who meet monthly on Saturday mornings in the Parish House to plan fund raising and educational efforts as well as to plan how funds will be used.  We maintain personal contact with our brothers and sisters in Malawi through correspondence and self-funded visits by members of Redeemer and the campus ministry at Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges.

Click here for a PDF of our most recent brochure.

For more information about the African Children’s Mission at Redeemer, contact Lynn Marsden-Atlass or any member of the mission.

For more information about Global AIDS Interfaith Alliance, visit

Join Us

Get Involved

ACM welcomes the thoughts, suggestions, and active participation of all who share our sense of mission and want to make a difference in the lives of children in Malawi.  There are various ways in which you can contribute. Please join us!

ACM usually meets the first Saturday of each month at 9:00 AM in the Parish House (check Church calendar for occasional variation in date)

Malawi Trips

Since 2004, more than 20 members of the Redeemer community, including college students (Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and University of Virginia), have traveled to Malawi, some more than once, to visit several projects supported by ACM. A travel team is formed in the winter to deliver our message of concern and interest “on the ground” in Malawi during the following summer. Interested individuals are encouraged to come to the monthly ACM meeting for the 2013 trip or to contact Lynn Marsden-Atlass, Prill Bradshaw, or Stephen Billings.

Photos from the 2009 ACM travel team to Malawi

Children and Youth

Each year, Redeemer children learn about Malawi through age appropriate lessons.  For the younger children, the focus is on the ways in which our ministry in Malawi strives to serve broad objectives (the Millennium Development Goals). Older students are introduced to some role playing based on materials that are used in Malawi to increase awareness about HIV/AIDS.

In February 2006, valentine cards were handmade by youth ages 8-16 for children in Malawi. The cards were mailed to our Global Aids Interfaith Alliance Malawi contact, Sister Gertrude, who distributed the valentine cards to children in select villages.  


Redeemer’s Village in Malawi

In 2011, ACM began providing support to the village of Naluso, part of Njirambo Center, a cluster of 5 villages in the Mulanje District of southern Malawi. The Redeemer’s village has over 330 households with 1680 people in great need. We provide 72 orphans and 330 households with food, education, medicines and life-saving services.

Nursing Scholarship Program

In Malawi, the shortage of skilled nurses limits the basic healthcare available to children orphaned by AIDS. ACM has supported Kaboni Gondwe and other nursing students with tuition, room, and board, uniforms, shoes, stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, watches, and small living stipends. Each new nurse pledges to remain in Malawi after graduation for a minimum 4-year commitment at a government or mission hospital as leaders in fighting the effects of AIDS at home.

Medicines Assistance Program (MAP) International

MAP International, a program that helps distribute medicines to the developing world, researches the medicinal needs of target countries, assembles donated medicines into shipping containers, and provides customs clearance assistance.  Redeemer travelers to Malawi have personally delivered large boxes of much-needed medical supplies to clinics in Malawi through this program.


Got Goat?

ACM’s “Got Goat?” campaign has spread awareness of the project while raising money for the purchase of live goats for villagers in Malawi.  Goats are a food security program for villages: a sustainable source of milk, offspring are retained by the original recipients and the mother goats are passed on to other villagers. To date, Redeemer youth and students in the College Ministry program have raised over $12,000 – enough to purchase and deliver more than 375 goats and to instruct new goat owners in their care

Christmas Joyful Giving

Colorful photographic cards of Malawi are provided to announce your gift to the bicycle ambulance program, nursing scholarships, and/or   elementary and high school educational opportunities in honor of special individuals on your list.

Have-A-Heart Campaign

Valentine’s Day means more than candy and roses with ACM’s “Have-A-Heart” campaign.  By responding generously to Cupid’s arrow, additional support is raised to help children in Malawi whose lives have been affected by AIDS. Since 2009 “Have-A-Heart” has raised nearly $15,000 to support orphans and women. Additional information about all ACM activities can be found at

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