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Pastoral Care at
Church of the Redeemer is:

knowledgeable, trustworthy, caring, faith-filled and supervised.
To find out more about receiving care or discerning your call to one of the many expressions of pastoral care giving at Church of the Redeemer.



Click here for a copy of the Pastoral Care section of the 2013 Annual Report.


Click on the image for a PDF of the
Pastoral Care brochure.

Eucharistic Visitation

Home Communion


Eucharistic Visitors are Church of the Redeemer parishioners trained and licensed by the diocese to take consecrated bread and wine directly from a Sunday Holy Eucharist to a parishioner who is unable to attend church. Each Eucharistic Visitor serves one to two  recipients every 4 to 6 weeks depending on the needs of the congregation.


Healing Prayer



Laying on of Hands for Healing in the liturgy, at home,
at the health facility bedside.

Meals and Transportation



During illness, loss, stress-filled times.

Providing parishioners meals when food preparation is impossible or neglected and transportation to church or health care appointments are important aspect of pastoral care. Members of our congregation who wish to participate in these ministries are included on rosters and serve as needs arise and as each person’s availability allows.

Holiday Visitation




by caring parishioners who leave behind floral gifts of the season.

Compassionate Listening


by clergy and members of the lay visitation team.

The pastoral care visitation team is composed of parishioners who have completed a 5-6 session formational pastoral care-giving course and who, through conversation with clergy, have discerned a call to this ministry. Most pastoral visitation team members visit at least one person on a weekly basis throughout the year.

The Rev. Peter T. Vanderveen, Rector
The Rev. David F. Romanik, Associate Rector
The Rev. Melissa Q. Wilcox, Assistant Rector

The clergy are available to counsel and pray with those in need at most any time in any setting. For example, a call to the parish office or an email to a clergyperson prior to or following surgery, in an emergency, or just to set up an appointment is always welcomed. Lay parishioners called to the ministry of healing are available in the chapel at the 9 am (or 10 am summer) service to offer prayer and laying on of hands during the administration of communion for individuals or family groups, for self or for others.

Prayer Request

Please use this form to submit a name to our parish prayer list.

When requesting prayers for someone who lives in the area, please ask permission of the person or the family before placing a full name on the prayer list. Should you not have this permission, first names can be added at any time. Names placed on the prayer list will be named in the Prayers of the People at the 7:45 & 9 am Sunday services for two consecutive weeks and will continue on the printed prayer list found in News from The Redeemer for two months. Updates can be made to shorten or lengthen the time a person remains on the list by contacting Tish.

Remember that you can place thanksgivings (such as for the birth of or for the remission of cancer) on the prayer list as well.

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