Redeemer Outreach Program


At Church of the Redeemer, we live out our Baptismal Covenant to seek and serve Christ in all persons, to love our neighbors as ourselves, and to respect the dignity of every human being by responding to human need with financial support and loving service.

The Redeemer Outreach Program awards grants to support the work of charitable organizations and programs, 501(c)(3) or equivalent, that seek to improve the lives of those living in poverty, primarily within the Diocese of Pennsylvania.

Through its Respond to the Need” approach, the Redeemer Outreach Program fosters the formation of mutually enriching relationships between parishioners and those in need by identifying and communicating community service opportunities.


Redeemer Outreach Program Structure:

Through its Steering, Community Service and Grants Committees, the Redeemer Outreach Program works to respond to human need with financial support and loving service.  The Outreach Program Committees are comprised of 13-20 members who serve in one or more of the following roles:
Outreach Steering Committee: A maximum of 5 core members
Outreach Community Service Committee: A maximum of 10 members
Outreach Grants Committee: A maximum of 5 members

The three Outreach Program Committees meet together at least once a year – and on an as needed basis - to approve grant recommendations and to discuss matters of mutual interest.  Meetings are chaired by one of the Committee chairs or the Vestry Liaison as appropriate. 

General Guidelines

  • Redeemer Outreach Program committee members may hold more than one position.  For example, the Clergy or Vestry liaisons may serve as committee chairs or coordinators.
  • All committee members are expected to attend meetings regularly and actively participate.
  • Committee chairs and members coordinate with Redeemer staff and other church committees as appropriate.
  • Outreach Steering Committee members attend other committee meetings as needed.


Outreach Steering Committee

This committee is responsible for setting overall priorities and the direction of Redeemer Outreach Program activities including: approval of processes and procedures, budget*, strategic goals; and resolution of unforeseen issues.  The core members include: Outreach Community Service Committee Chair, Outreach Grants Committee Chair, Clergy Liaison and Vestry Liaison.  At-large members include a Strategy Coordinator and an Outreach Advisor. 


*Amount of budget is determined by the Vestry except for any Vestry approved Outreach fundraising such as “Joyful Giving.”