Redeemer Outreach Committee

Redeemer Outreach Committee

The Redeemer Outreach Committee, operating through its Outreach Grants Subcommittee and Outreach Community Service Subcommittee, is committed to responding to human need with financial support and loving service.  Following are the mission, the structure, the subcommittees and the membership of the Outreach Committee.


At the Church of the Redeemer, we live out our Baptismal Covenant to seek and serve Christ in all persons, to love our neighbors as ourselves, and to respect the dignity of every human being by responding to human need with financial support and loving service.

The Outreach Committee awards grants to support the work of charitable organizations and programs, 501(c)(3) or equivalent, that seek to improve the lives of those living in poverty, primarily within the Diocese of Pennsylvania.

The Outreach Committee through its Respond to the Need” approach, fosters the formation of mutually enriching relationships between parishioners and those in need by identifying and communicating community service opportunities.

New Redeemer Committee Structure:

The outreach Committee spent 2018 re-evaluating its mission, structure and impact. The newly designed Redeemer Outreach Committee has been changed to include a Community Service Sub-Committee that will identify, prioritize and coordinate a range of community service opportunities. We invite parishioners to consider participation in community service opportunities throughout the year.

Outreach Committee:

The Outreach Committee will be composed of 13-15 members including a maximum of 9 steering committee members, plus Outreach Grants Sub-Committee members and Outreach Community Service Sub-Committee members.

General Guidelines

  • Committee members can hold more than one position. For example, the Clergy or Vestry liaisons could also be a coordinator.
  • All committee members will be expected to attend meetings regularly and actively participate.
  • Committee members will need to coordinate with staff such as the Director of Communications and Stewardship (Ken Garner) and the Program Assistant (Fran Merritt) and other committees of the Church as appropriate.
  • Steering Committee members attend sub-committee meetings as needed.
  • For 2018: The Steering Committee will meet at least once a month from September – December to clarify roles/responsibilities, develop operating processes/procedures, and priorities/goals and an Outreach Calendar for 2019. Materials developed will be shared with the Outreach Committee on a regular basis.
  • For 2018-2019: The Outreach Committee will meet periodically to review, discuss and approve Steering Committee proposals as necessary.


 The Steering Committee will include:

  • Outreach Committee Chair
  • Secretary
  • Vice-Chair for Outreach Grants Sub-Committee
  • Vice- Chair for Community Service Sub-Committee
  • Strategy Coordinator
  • Communications Coordinator
  • Information Management Coordinator
  • Clergy Liaison
  • Vestry Liaison


The Steering Committee is responsible for the overall priorities and direction of all Redeemer Outreach activities including:

  • Approval for all Outreach processes and procedures, budget, goals, calendar
  • Approval of Outreach Strategy
  • Determination of when entire Outreach Committee need to meet and make decisions
  • Amount of budget is determined by the Vestry except for any Vestry approved Outreach fundraising such as “joyful Giving.”


The responsibilities of the Chair:

  • Preside at all Outreach and Steering Committee Meetings
  • Work with the Steering Committee to develop annual goals
  • Responsible for overseeing/coordinating the work of the Outreach sub-committees and Coordinator functions to achieve outreach goals
  • Appoint ad-hoc committees as needed
  • Provide Annual Report, and other reports as needed, to the Vestry and Congregation


 The responsibilities of the Secretary:

  • Take and distribute the minutes of all Outreach and Steering Committee meetings
  • Send notices of Outreach and Steering Committee meetings and track attendance
  • Prepare and update the annual Outreach Calendar
  • Prepare and update Outreach Committee Member Lists


The responsibilities of the Vice-Chair for Outreach Grants Sub-Committee:

  • Preside at meetings of the Outreach Grants Sub-committee which includes Steering Committee members (as necessary) plus 2-3 members.
  • Manage the grant process including
  • Update grant application form, calendar, other materials as necessary
  • Review grant criteria with Outreach Committee and update as necessary 
  • Arrange on-site visits/interviews with potential grantees as necessary
  • Provide on-line access to grant applications for Outreach members
  • Provide information regarding prior grant evaluations/awards to Outreach Committee to inform discussions/decisions on grants
  • Send award letters and checks to grantees
  • Communicate with grantees in coordination with Community Service Vice-Chair and Communications Coordinator
  • Evaluate and make recommendations for process improvements


 The responsibilities of the Vice-Chair for Community Service Sub-Committee:

  • Preside at meetings of the Community Service Sub- Committee which includes Steering Committee members (as necessary) plus sub-committee members.
  • Develop processes, with approval from the Steering Committee, for the sub-committee including
  • Identify, prioritize Community Service opportunities (i.e. done-in -a-day; group, one-on-one, longer term, for parishioners
  • Identify, prioritize, manage requests for help from non-profits (i.e. ElderNet Food Drive, ECS Fill the Bus, Christmas presents, Church of the Advocate and Church Farm School Clothes Drives)
  • Coordinate and track volunteers
  • Communicate and market Community Service opportunities in coordination with Outreach Grants and Communications Coordinator
  • Evaluate and make recommendations for process improvements.


The responsibilities of the Strategy Coordinator:

  • Work with the Steering Committee to develop Outreach goals, priorities and tactics for 2019.
  • Work with the Outreach Chair, Steering Committee and other Outreach Committee members and parishioners as needed, to develop an overall strategic plan for the Outreach Committee.


 The responsibilities of the Communications Coordinator:

  • Coordinate, and prepare as appropriate, communications for the Outreach Committee
  • Establish consistent language and format for Outreach Communications
  • Keep Outreach Committee informed of Redeemer Communication deadlines for on-line and printed communications.
  • Work with the Redeemer’s Director of Communication & Stewardship and Program Assistant to coordinate dissemination of communications.
  • While Steering Committee members and Sub-Committee Vice-Chairs are responsible for the content of their communications, Communications Coordinator and the Chair will review all Outreach Communications prior to release.
  • Prepare Marketing materials for Outreach Committee.
  • Work with the Information Management Coordinator to establish a process for updating Outreach Committee information for the Redeemer website.


The responsibilities of the Information Management Coordinator:

  • Manage the Outreach Committee Data, Reports, and Analysis.
  • Manage the content for the Outreach portion of the Redeemer Website.
  • Work with the Redeemer’s Director of Communication & Stewardship and Program Assistant to develop a process to access, update and collect data for the Redeemer website.
  • Work with Steering Committee and staff to put necessary Outreach materials on web-site for Outreach Committee, applicants, parishioners, including secure site(s) for Outreach Committee.
  • Work with Steering Committee and Outreach Grants and Community Service Sub-Committee Vice-Chairs to provide necessary
  • Data collection, entry, updates, trends
  • Data on grants, grant applications
  • Data pertaining to community service opportunities and parishioner involvement
  • Surveys
  • Reports and data analysis


The responsibilities of the Clergy Liaison:

  • Assist Chair with focus on Committee goals
  • Provide pertinent information to the work of the committee
  • Offer theological support for the work of the Committee
  • Encourage spiritual and relational awareness.
  • Provide opportunities for guidance, training and reflection to the Committee


The responsibilities of the Vestry Liaison:

  • Represent the Vestry at Outreach Committee, Steering Committee and Sub-Committee meetings.
  • Provide a monthly update to the Vestry regarding Outreach Committee activities.
  • Provide Vestry feedback regarding outreach strategy, policies, and projects to the Steering Committee.
  • Obtain approval from the Vestry as necessary.
  • Communicate Vestry decisions/discussion points to the Outreach Committee.


Current members of the Outreach Committee

Patricia Fowler, Chair
Jan Clarke – Vice Chair, Outreach Grants Subcommittee
Barbara Billings – Vice Chair, Outreach Community Services Subcommittee
Leslie Boris – Strategy
The Rev. Jo Ann Jones – Communications
Members of the Outreach Grants Subcommittee:  Carolyn Bennett, Sam Morris
Members of the Outreach Community Service Subcommittee:   Beth Ganss, Anna Gerrity, Jeanne Holeman, Mary Hopkins