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See the listings below for adult educational offerings
at The Redeemer in the year ahead.

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Adult Forums
Sundays at 10:15 in the Parish House Lower Level, Room 1-2-3
(during the academic season)

Adult Forums are scheduled weekly. Subjects cover a broad range of topics and guest speakers lead us in contemporary issues of the day and theological discussions. See the most recent issue of the weekly News from The Redeemer for details.

2016 Spring Adult Forums



Sunday Adult Forums

Spring Offerings

Aspiring to Love

Contemporary Issues in the
Philadelphia Area


By David Romanik

When William Penn founded a city on the banks of the Delaware River in the 17th century, he took an approach to naming it that was unusual in colonial America. Instead of using the name to honor a benefactor or the place he had come from, Penn named the city for a virtue. Drawing from the Greek words for “love” and “brother,” Penn called the city Philadelphia. Having escaped from religious persecution, Penn hoped that the colony he established would be a place of toleration, mutuality, and fraternal love. From its very inception, in other words, Philadelphia was more than a place; it was an aspiration.

Before arriving in the Philadelphia area, I had only the vaguest sense of its personality. I was aware of the Liberty Bell, Rocky Balboa, and cheese steaks, but I did not understand the unique character of the city and its environs. Over the past several years, I have become more familiar with what this area has to offer, including its particular joys and challenges. I have also been impressed with the variety of ways that people in this area have stepped up to meet these challenges. The Redeemer’s Spring Forum Series this year will highlight some of the issues in the Philadelphia area and showcase some of the extraordinary organizations seeking to make a difference. Beginning on Sunday, April 10, we will learn how the people of this area are helping Philadelphia live up to its name.

david-kasievich_5342-390x390April 10
Saint James School

Philadelphia has the eighth largest school district in the country, and its public students are overwhelmingly poor: 79 percent of them are eligible for a free or reduced-price lunch. St. James School is an Episcopal middle school committed to educating traditionally under-resourced students in a nurturing environment. The school provides a challenging academic program and encourages the development of the moral, spiritual, intellectual, physical, and creative gifts in its students. Join Head of School David Kasievich as he discusses the mission and ministry of this important institution.


Sue-2016-webApril 17
Juvenile Law Center

Juvenile Law Center is the oldest non-profit, public interest law firm for children in the country. Juvenile Law Center plays a leadership role nationally and in Pennsylvania, shaping and using the law on behalf of children in the child welfare and justice systems. Most of the youth served by the organization are among society’s most vulnerable; they are the most likely to be mislabeled, ignored, harmed, or scarred for life by systems that are supposed to help them. The Juvenile Law Center advocates for these young people by using the legal system to promote fairness, prevent harm, secure access to appropriate services, and ensure a smooth transition from adolescence to adulthood. Join Executive Director Sue Mangold as she introduces us to the work of this organization.



Carol Chew NEWApril 24
Creative Arts in Feltonville

Beauty is not often considered a necessity. In impoverished educational settings, art and music are generally the first programs eliminated when budgets shrink. Beauty, however, is an indispensable component of educating the whole person. Not only do the arts inspire and edify, they also provide opportunities to teach material that is not covered by standard curricula. In her work at Clara Barton Elementary School in Feltonville, Redeemer parishioner Carol Chew is deeply aware of the value of arts education. Join Carol as she discusses her work and invites us to reflect on the necessity of beauty.




Doris RajagopalMay 8
Darby Mission

Located five miles southwest of Philadelphia, Darby Borough carries the heavy burden of urban poverty. In a population of roughly 10,000, 26 percent of Darby residents live below the poverty line. The Darby Mission is a joint partnership of the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania, Episcopal Community Services (ECS), the leadership of Darby Borough, and the Darby Free Library, that seeks to alleviate the symptoms of poverty and hunger. By providing the basic necessities of warmth, food, and safe haven, the Darby Mission aspires to empower Darby residents to live to the fullest. Join Darby Missioner Doris Rajagopal as she shares the joys and challenges of this mission.

May 2016 Adult Forums



Explore some of the central questions of the Christian faith
Join us in Room 1-2-3 on Sunday mornings at 10:30.

May 15
Groans Too Deep for Words: The Holy Spirit and the Church

Scripture is notoriously ambiguous when it comes to describing the Holy Spirit. Every biblical writer seems to have a different understanding of what the presence of the Holy Spirit means for people of faith. This forum will discuss some of the ways that the Church has understood the nature of the Holy Spirit and explore these understandings can shape the way we live our lives today. Led by David Romanik.


May 22
Trinity, Divine Community, and the Ineffability of God

Trinity Sunday is one of the most mystifying observances in the Church calendar, yet it celebrates one of the most important elements of the Christian faith. Christians have wrestled with the meaning of the Trinity for generations, and many have fallen into the trap of reducing it to mere caricature. This forum will explore how to think about this important doctrine without resorting to cliché. Led by Peter Vanderveen.

Men's Brown Bag Bible Study
12:00 pm, Conference Room, Parish House

Bring your lunch and your inquiring spirit to join in a wide-ranging discussion about writings of C. S. Lewis, the Gospels, the letters of Paul, and the religious issues of our day.

    Contact: Bob Peck

Women's Brown Bag Bible Study
Thursdays   12:00- 1 pm

“Read, learn, mark and inwardly digest…” Sitting with scripture and soaking in its meaning for our individual and corporate lives is an art.  As in any relationship, it is important in our relationship with God to nurture a balance between speaking and deep listening.  This weekly time of study will give participants an opportunity to encounter particular biblical texts, to listen reflectively to those texts, and to engage in dialogue about how God’s word is touching their own lives. Come when you can, bring a lunch if you wish, invite others to join the group at any time.  

Church of the Redeemer - 230 Pennswood Road - Bryn Mawr, PA 19010