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Click here for a copy of the Adult Formation section of the 2013 Annual Report.



See the listings below for adult educational offerings
at The Redeemer in the year ahead.

Adult Forums

Bible Studies

Adult Study Groups

Adult Forums
Sundays at 10:15 in the Parish House Lower Level, Room 1-2-3

Adult Forums are scheduled weekly. Subjects cover a broad range of topics and guest speakers lead us in contemporary issues of the day and theological discussions. See the most recent issue of the weekly News from The Redeemer for details.

Adult Forums September 28 thru October 12



Adult Forum at 10:15am

Sunday, September 28, Room 1-2-3

David Romanik begins a 3-part series: “Finding our Center: The Unique Vision of the Episcopal Church.” We will discuss the Book of Common Prayer, the Anglican approach to Scripture, and some of the more challenging elements of our liturgy.  

Rector's Thursday Evening Classes

Study the Book of Jonah
It's not just about the whale!

Thursdays, beginning September 18, 7:00pm
led by Peter Vanderveen


Much has been made lately about the program of reading through the entire Bible in one year. It’s a respectable discipline, and in so far as it is a serious attempt to reacquaint Episcopalians with the full canon of Scripture, it can be rightfully lauded. It strikes me, however, as overambitious in a most regrettable way; by its very emphasis on reading through. The Bible doesn’t tell just one story, from beginning to end; nor is its primary function to provide us information about God. It’s a wildly complex book of books, each of which requires a slow deliberateness in reading and pondering. More than quantity, the quality of reading is vital to understanding.

I’m periodically asked what are my favorite books in the Old and New Testaments. I like to sharpen that question and respond by stating the two books I’d keep if I were forced to throw the rest away. I’d choose Romans from the New Testament, and I’d try to bend the rules just enough to keep the first 11 chapters of Genesis along with the tiny book of Jonah from the Old Testament. These books, if read carefully and thoughtfully, would provide more than a year’s worth of material, and they would probably give more insight than adding all the rest of the Bible on top.

The book of Jonah is a comedy, though we tend to misread it horribly by imposing a stiff, pious seriousness to it (as with all the Bible). Ironically then, we make it all the more laughable and silly—relegating it to a child’s tale—rather than allowing its natural humor to be profoundly and, sometimes, devastatingly revealing. Jonah touches on almost all of the great themes of the Old Testament, but no point is ever too labored. It tells us much about God and much about ourselves. It’s a brilliant parable about faith and doubt, about sinfulness and forgiveness, and, particularly appropriate to our own time now, the insidious nature of resentment and anger—all within a few short chapters that can be read in 15 minutes. If you read Jonah well, its comedy allows us to see the heart of the drama we live, without all the heaviness that we tend to resist in other books. In this way, it serves as a focusing lens through which all the rest of the Bible can better be understood.

You’ll be surprised by what such a short book can offer.

Men's Brown Bag Bible Study
12:00 pm, Conference Room, Parish House

Bring your lunch and your inquiring spirit to join in a wide-ranging discussion about writings of C. S. Lewis, the Gospels, the letters of Paul, and the religious issues of our day.

    Contact: Dr. Doug Raymond

Women's Brown Bag Bible Study
Thursdays   12:00- 1 pm

“Read, learn, mark and inwardly digest…” Sitting with scripture and soaking in its meaning for our individual and corporate lives is an art.  As in any relationship, it is important in our relationship with God to nurture a balance between speaking and deep listening.  This weekly time of study will give participants an opportunity to encounter particular biblical texts, to listen reflectively to those texts, and to engage in dialogue about how God’s word is touching their own lives. Come when you can, bring a lunch if you wish, invite others to join the group at any time.  

Click here for a copy of the Women's Brown Bag Bible Study section of the 2013 Annual Report.

New Opportunities for Families in 2014-15





Parenting Conversations at The Redeemer:
This fall, parishioners, Darren and Amy Clipston, are delighted to team up to lead a parenting conversation course. The parenting course includes watching a short video on various developmental stages in parenting, discussion, and eating a simple supper. Anyone with children aged 0-10 are invited to attend. The sessions will last two hours and childcare will be provided in the nursery. If you have been looking for a place to discuss parenting in the safe context of a Christian community, this is the gathering for you. Please contact Darren or Amy Clipston. Darren and Amy are the proud parents of Ella (8), Jonathan (5), and Jason (11 months). The Conversations will take place on October 12, 19, 26 and Nov. 2, and 9 from 4:30-6:30. Signup online here so we can plan childcare and food appropriately.







Faith and the Family:
Please look for monthly adult forums geared towards teaching and living faith at home and in the parish. Our first offering will focus on" Worshipping with Children: Why Bother?" Tory Kline and Melissa Wilcox will look at the theology of worship, the spirituality of children, and offer practical tips of being in the "big" church at Redeemer. Please join us.

Sabbath Time:
Once again, our Rite 13 program will gather for a monthly Sabbath time. This program exists to allow our young people to rest, relax, and enjoy the gift of Sabbath with other kids in the Rite 13 program. In our increasingly programmed world, it is a gift to gather kids from different schools and give them a chance to enjoy each other and God's creation. All parents of Rite 13 youth play a role in shaping this program. Rebecca Northington, mother to Rite 13ers, Jack and Lachlan, facilitates this important ministry.

Save the Date, October 26th, for a Missions Reflection Day. We will be gathering to reflect on Missions during our Adult Formation and then have lunch and table discussions following on some of the themes in Little Princes as well as on the mission work of Redeemer. Please contact Glenn Beamer or Melissa Wilcox to express your interest in the program.
Church of the Redeemer - 230 Pennswood Road - Bryn Mawr, PA 19010