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Click here for a copy of the Adult Formation section
of the 2014 Annual Report.


See the listings below for adult educational offerings
at The Redeemer in the year ahead.

Adult Forums

Bible Studies

Adult Study Groups

Adult Forums
Sundays at 10:15 in the Parish House Lower Level, Room 1-2-3
(during the academic season)

Adult Forums are scheduled weekly. Subjects cover a broad range of topics and guest speakers lead us in contemporary issues of the day and theological discussions. See the most recent issue of the weekly News from The Redeemer for details.

Summer 2015 Adult Forums



Summer Forums

Examining the History and Importance of Sabbath

By David Romanik


When I was a child, Connecticut residents could not purchase alcohol on Sundays. This prohibition was one of the last remaining blue laws, a collection of codes that could trace their origins to the days when Congregationalism was the state’s established religion. As you might guess from their Puritan heritage, these blue laws (so called because they were written on blue paper—at least that’s how the story goes) were designed to enforce the observance of the Christian Sabbath. Indeed, for a long time, Connecticut had laws that strictly regulated commerce, leisure, and travel on Sundays. Most of these blue laws (including the prohibition against selling alcohol) are now gone, and with them a sense that the Sabbath has any value for the modern world.

It is not surprising that our culture has come to question the value of the Sabbath. As the Connecticut example proves, the Sabbath was, for a long time, about pietistic restrictions against any form of pleasure. As a result, Sabbath is one of those elements of our faith that feels more like a quaint artifact from a bygone era than an important aspect of our relationship with God. The Sabbath, however, is not about restrictions; it is about tapping into the potential that exists at the heart of every person. Far from being quaint, the Sabbath is a practice uniquely suited to deepening our relationship with and experience of God. Moreover, it is a simple and powerful way to reorient our understanding of ourselves and our relationship with the world.

During the summer months, our Adult Forums will examine the history and importance of Sabbath and explore ways we might make it part of our lives today. Join us in the Parish House between the 8:00 and 10:00 services.

Men's Brown Bag Bible Study
12:00 pm, Conference Room, Parish House

Bring your lunch and your inquiring spirit to join in a wide-ranging discussion about writings of C. S. Lewis, the Gospels, the letters of Paul, and the religious issues of our day.

    Contact: Bob Peck

Click here for a copy of the Men's Brown Bag Bible Study section of the 2014 Annual Report.

Women's Brown Bag Bible Study
Thursdays   12:00- 1 pm

“Read, learn, mark and inwardly digest…” Sitting with scripture and soaking in its meaning for our individual and corporate lives is an art.  As in any relationship, it is important in our relationship with God to nurture a balance between speaking and deep listening.  This weekly time of study will give participants an opportunity to encounter particular biblical texts, to listen reflectively to those texts, and to engage in dialogue about how God’s word is touching their own lives. Come when you can, bring a lunch if you wish, invite others to join the group at any time.  

Click here for a copy of the Women's Brown Bag Bible Study section of the 2014 Annual Report.

Adult Study Group
1st & 3rd Tuesdays, 7-8:30pm





This group is beginning a new study (March 17) so now is a good time for new members to join their lively discussions. For the remainder of the year, the group will study St. Augustine. The two short texts, both of which are well reviewed, will include: Augustine: A Very Short Introduction by Henry Chadwick and Augustine's "Confessions": A Biography by Gary Wills.  You may be surprised to learn that the well-known political columnist has devoted much effort to religious study, and has written several books on specifically religious subjects.  His new book focuses more specifically on The Confessions. 

For more information contact Howard Baker

New Opportunities for Families in 2014-15

Parenting Conversations

Building Faith and Support at The Redeemer

Nine lively children on the playground Sunday afternoons, usually meant that The Redeemer Parenting Conversations crew was…conversing. Three Redeemer families gathered for five weeks during the late fall to discuss the ins and outs of being mothers and fathers. Perhaps no topic is more discussed by pundits, sages, and newbie parents than the “ubiquitous” topic of parenting. To sleep train? Not to sleep train? Group leaders Amy and Darren Clipston took a different tack. Redeemer Parenting Conversations looked at developmental stages of children within their family structure. Members found new ways to support each other in the hard work of raising children. At Baptisms, we parents and godparents promise to raise our children in the Christian faith and life. Yet too often we do not find a community of fellow Christians with whom we can ponder the greatest questions of faith and life. Many thanks to Amy and Darren for sharing their gifts with our community. Their generosity will allow The Redeemer to continue as a place where we see all aspects of our lives enfolded into God’s goodness and care.

Sabbath Time
Once again, our Rite 13 program will gather for a monthly Sabbath time. This program exists to allow our young people to rest, relax, and enjoy the gift of Sabbath with other kids in the Rite 13 program. In our increasingly programmed world, it is a gift to gather kids from different schools and give them a chance to enjoy each other and God's creation. All parents of Rite 13 youth play a role in shaping this program. Rebecca Northington, mother to Rite 13ers, Jack and Lachlan, facilitates this important ministry.

Church of the Redeemer - 230 Pennswood Road - Bryn Mawr, PA 19010