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Click here for a copy of the Adult Formation section of the 2013 Annual Report.



See the listings below for adult educational offerings
at The Redeemer in the year ahead.

Adult Forums

Bible Studies

Adult Study Groups

Margaret Gurbiak


Adult Forums
at 10:15am
April 7 & 28

Historic Sacred Architecture

Dr. Margaret Grubiak

Dr. Margaret Grubiak is an architectural historian specializing in 19th & 20th century and a member of the Villanova faculty,  her expertise is in historic preservation and sacred architecture.

April 6:  Architecture and Religion in the American University

Based on her book, White Elephants on Campus: The Decline of the University Chapel in America, 1920-1960 (University of Notre Dame Press, 2014), this talk explores how the architecture of the American campus reveals the declining role of religion in American higher education and the attempts university leaders made to reframe religion for the modern age through architecture.

April 27: Inscribing Mission in the Campus

How do institutions make visible their core mission through their buildings and landscapes? Using the examples of Bryn Mawr College and Villanova University, we walk through how the built environment can convey institutional mission in tangible and legible ways. We’ll also talk about some important concepts as The Redeemer thinks through a redesign, focusing on things like the entrance, the importance of the center, and liminal spaces.

Lenten Study 2014


Morning Prayer and Breakfast
beginning March 12
Chapel Service: 7:15am
breakfast follows

Words are fresh early in the morning. As are our ears and our souls. It’s probably the time of our greatest receptivity. The prayers and the texts of the Daily Office serve as lovely reminders of the best hopes for all that will follow in the coming hours. And when these are shared with others, with those who have simply chosen to come, our hopes are made all the more real and present.

After the prayers, those attending are invited to join together for a short breakfast and conversation, which, true to the term, can prove to be a wonderful breaking of the fast of the night.

Bible Study of Coming Sunday Gospel Readings
beginning March 12
Church Chapel: 6:30pm

This Lent, the Rev. Melissa Wilcox, will offer a Lenten series on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 7:30pm (so Redeemer Choir members can participate) dedicated to the coming Sunday Gospel readings. We will read and reflect on them together and allow time for sharing our insights. We will gather in the chapel and close with the brief service of Compline. Space is limited. Please register at: www.TheRedeemer.org/RSVP.

Scriptures Alive in Lent!
Thursdays at Noon


Women, take time out during Lent to explore the story of Moses, Miriam, the Israelites and the Exodus from Egypt (including the Passover and the crossing of the Red Sea). Enjoy the company of other women on Thursdays, from noon to 1 pm, in the Parish House. Bring your lunch if you wish. No prior Biblical knowledge is needed, and no homework is required. For more information contact Barbara Billings.


To learn where power ceases.
-- a Lenten discipline –
Suggestions from The Rector


Each Ash Wednesday, the season of Lent begins with an invitation to the practice of holiness, to which no one ever objects.

All the same, however, few ever ask what holiness is or what it entails. It’s a word generally left empty of real meaning. And in the absence of a true sense of holiness, all sorts of other Lenten disciplines are undertaken, ranging from good works to slight acts of abstinence, soon forgotten thereafter.

For this Lent, we invite you to contemplate holiness as that liminal space where power, which is the chief currency of our world, ceases, and we are opened to a more essential dependency and foundation. As Paul reminds us: power comes to an end, but love endures.

With this in mind, we have put together a list of four books, from which any one can be chosen. Each book can easily be read quickly. And if read this way, each would offer some minor increase in information (in line with the modern understanding that information is power).

But this is not how these books should be read. They should be read slowly, reflectively, and thoughtfully -- with the hope and the expectation that at length they will provide an experience of the holy, both for us and within us.

The four books are:

Lament For a Son: Nicholas Wolterstorff

An unforgettable diary, chronicling a father’s response to his son’s death. But on        every page, this book is more about life than death, more a book of faith than a book about faith.

The Gossamer Wall: Poems by Michael O’Siadhail

These poems, drawn from an exploration of the holocaust, have been described as “tender, vulnerable and defiant;” poems that “that confront and revitalize the old themes of love, loss, memory and desire.”

Joy, Despair, and Hope; Reading Psalms: Edward Feld

Feld's insights reveal how individual psalmists struggle with their faith, how they are wracked by doubt and self-questioning, and how they come finally to a greater understanding of faith.

The Book of Common Prayer; a Biography: Alan Jacobs

This is the biography of the book that is most central to our identity and practices as Episcopalians. It’s beautifully written, accessible, and teaches much about our faith, even as it reads like an adventure story. 

We will have copies on hand for purchase and will take orders as requested. 

Adult Forums
Sundays at 10:15 in the Parish House Lower Level, Room 1-2-3

Adult Forums are scheduled weekly. Subjects cover a broad range of topics and guest speakers lead us in contemporary issues of the day and theological discussions. See the most recent issue of the weekly News from The Redeemer for details..



2013-14 Adult Study Group



This year the group will focus on Phil Carey’s series: Gospel, Law and Reformation. The group will kick-off viewing Luther with supper, movie and conversation on Sunday, September 29 at 5:30pm and continue its studies on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month at 7pm. 
All are welcome. 
For more information contact Howard Baker
The first regular gathering is Tuesday, October 1.
Rector's Wednesday Evening Classes

Reading together Paul’s Letters to the Corinthians and
Christian Wiman’s My Bright Abyss

Wednesdays, beginning September 18, 7:00pm
led by Peter Vanderveen




Paul’s Epistles are letters; written to a community struggling to understand their lives in the revelation of God in Christ. They were very much of the moment and words of poetry and prose together. We tend to forget this and make them statements of doctrine instead—looking for rules instead of grace.

Wiman’s book, published this year, received great critical acclaim for his insistence that belief can never be true when it slips to easy religious platitudes. It has to address the hard realities of our moment and our distinctly modern world.

This study will be a chance to read these two texts together, allowing each to illumine the other—so that grace can be something more than spoken of; it can become the integrity of our lives.

Men's Brown Bag Bible Study
12:00 pm, Conference Room, Parish House

Bring your lunch and your inquiring spirit to join in a wide-ranging discussion about writings of C. S. Lewis, the Gospels, the letters of Paul, and the religious issues of our day.

    Contact: Dr. Doug Raymond

Women's Brown Bag Bible Study
Thursdays   12:00- 1 pm

“Read, learn, mark and inwardly digest…” Sitting with scripture and soaking in its meaning for our individual and corporate lives is an art.  As in any relationship, it is important in our relationship with God to nurture a balance between speaking and deep listening.  This weekly time of study will give participants an opportunity to encounter particular biblical texts, to listen reflectively to those texts, and to engage in dialogue about how God’s word is touching their own lives. Come when you can, bring a lunch if you wish, invite others to join the group at any time.  

Click here for a copy of the Women's Brown Bag Bible Study section of the 2013 Annual Report.

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