Redeemer Youth

Youth Formation

Youth ministry at The Redeemer encourages our young people to explore their talents and spiritual gifts within the Church community. This ministry prepares youth holistically by continuously challenging them to take an active part in the body of Christ through our practices and rituals. It is our belief that the Holy Spirit assists them in developing and sustaining the roots to continue in the life of the Church beyond high school and into adulthood. The Redeemer emphasizes Sunday Formation Programs. The foundation of the Christian life—and habit—is worship. We see Sunday morning programs as the means to nurture “habitual’ worshipers at The Redeemer, and later, at whatever church our young people may choose to attend.

The Arc of Formation continues to develop to provide a comprehensive path for the formation of faithful Christians. It sets forth age-specific incremental progressive steps of development and skills in Worship, Fellowship and Outreach. It is our hope and prayer that the implementation of the Arc will lead to formation that has a lifelong influence over youth in all that they encounter. 

The Redeemer does have many fellowship programs for Middle and High School youth. We believe that both age groups should spend time together and learn what it means to live in Christian community. The Redeemer does offer a Confirmation Program. Youth in eighth grade and above typically prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation. In 2019 our Confirmation Program began January 27, culminating in the Sacrament of Confirmation on March 24, 2019. Do Redeemer youth take mission trips? Yes. Plans are being made for a mission trip in the summer of 2019. 

Youth leaders are Rebecca Northington, Alexis Stephan, Bailey Sperry, Jamie Halloran and Katherine Hobson with Michael Palmisano-clergy liaison.