Wedding 2017

Wedding Information

We have general information and fees for you in downloadable leaflets, called “Customaries” for the service. These leaflets are designed to give you background information, based on the customary or usual practices, of the Book of Common Prayer, The Episcopal Church, and the tradition here at the Church of the Redeemer. We encourage you to read the leaflet before calling the office (610-525-2486) to arrange your wedding.

Same-sex weddings follow the same guidelines.  

There is an authorized liturgy of The Episcopal Church that was originally for same-sex weddings exclusively. This liturgy is now available for all weddings and  the Book of Common Prayer liturgy is available for all weddings as well.

Click here for the announcement for Episcopal Response re. Same-Sex Marriage.

Weddings - Q & A

  1. Can anyone get married at The Redeemer?

Yes, providing at least one of the parties is baptized.

  1. I already know the date I want to have my wedding. Can I announce it?

The church appreciates knowing of your marriage plans even before announcing your Engagement, and please don’t announce the location or date of the wedding without the prior agreement of the parish clergy.

  1. Can I get married here at short notice?

In order to assure availability of the church and its clergy, all weddings should be scheduled with the parish at least six months in advance of the desired date. In other circumstances, please contact a member of the Clergy to discuss your situation.

  1. My friend is a pastor, can he marry us instead of Redeemer clergy?

A member of the clergy of this parish will normally officiate at weddings held in the church.

  1. What help with the preparation for my wedding does the Redeemer offer me?

The Church of the Redeemer has a wedding coordinator who knows the church well and can assist with plans for the wedding, either on the phone or in person. Her services are included within our overall fee structure.

  1. How do I arrange to have music at my wedding?

Either the parish Organist or Director of Music will play for your service or arrange for a suitable substitute. If you wish to hire members of our choirs, or additional instruments such as trumpet, please discuss your plans with the Organist before making any contacts.

  1. I would like my friends and family to be part of the ceremony. What can they do?

We recommend that family members, members of the wedding party, and other friends take part in the service by reading lessons and intercessions or in performing music.

  1. What decorations can I have in the church?

The clergy will advise you on the feasibility of any decorations you propose using for the ceremony. As a general rule, decorations may not involve drilling, taping, or making holes in walls or furniture. For safety reasons, we do not permit runners in the church.

  1. Can I have photographs taken during the service?

During the wedding service, no flash photography is permitted in the church. Wedding guests should observe this policy as well as professional photographers. Pictures may be freely taken following the service.


Contact Program Assistant

Please contact Francesca Merritt, Program Assistant, for further information. Phone: 610-525-2486 ext. 14 or email Francesca Merritt.