The Choirs

2016-17 Choirs Rehearsal Schedule



Redeemer Choristers: (Trebles)
Tuesday, 5:00-6:30 (Choir Room)
Wednesday, 5:00-6:00 (Choir Room

Cherub Choir: Wednesday, 5:00-6:00 (Parish House)

Schola Cantorum: Wednesday, 6:50-8:05 (Choir Room)

Redeemer Choir: Wednesday, 6:50-8:30 (Choir Room)     

Chancel Choir: Sunday morning, 10:20-11:05 (Choir Room)


Age Configuration of the Choirs

Cherub Choir (Kindergarten-3rd grade)

Redeemer Choristers (3rd-8th grade)

Schola Cantorum (High School and changed voices)

Redeemer Choir (the Parish choir consisting of college age and up)

Chancel Choir (smaller, specialized adult ensemble, sings at 11:15am Choral Matins)

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Approach to Choirs at The Redeemer


The choirs singing in Kilkenny Cathedral while on 2016 Music & Mission Trip.

The choirs for the children and teens are designed not just to teach how to sing, but how to approach music; to develop a better understanding and ability to use music theory, knowledge of music history, increase the ability of the their vocal skills, and to nurture their social and leadership skills within the group, giving them a better understanding of themselves & those around them.

The choirs at The Redeemer are all part of our identity as an Episcopal parish within the Diocese of Pennsylvania. It is important to know that even though we are part of a specific faith-based organization, we have participants (both youth and adult) who are from varying religious backgrounds such as Jewish, Roman Catholic, Russian Orthodox, Baptist, and Presbyterian to name a few.

We encourage this diversity in backgrounds, especially in the children’s programs. This notion is at the very heart of Church of the Redeemer: “there are no insiders and outsiders......Our churchyard, our church building, our facilities, our programs, our ministries, and our worship are open to all, because openness without limitation is the keenest form of spiritual alertness”. However, we do not indoctrinate our participants or sway their faith leanings one way or the other. Rather, we have an organic approach as to how people come to feel about their own beliefs through their involvement in our parish. The children and adults experience opportunities for outreach, for mission work, travel abroad, professional-level concerts, and for the enjoyment of fellowship within the groups; forming friendships and linking bonds that last a very long time.

Contact Organist & Director of Music Dr. Michael Diorio for an audition appointment.

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