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If you answered “yes”, or if you, yourself, like to sing as well, Church of the Redeemer offers a variety of musical involvement options for adults and children of all ages, backgrounds, and religious inclinations. 

We have five choirs from which to choose at The Redeemer:

1.     Cherub Choir (Kindergarten-3rd grade)

2.     Redeemer Choristers (4th-8th grade)

3.     Schola Cantorum (9th grade-12th grade)

4.     Redeemer Choir (the Parish choir consisting of college age and up)

5.     Chancel Choir (smaller, specialized adult ensemble, sings at 11:15 service

See below for more information on each choir and rehearsal times.
Click here to listen to the choirs.

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The choirs for the children and teens are designed to not just teach them how to sing, but how to approach music; gain a better understanding and ability to use music theory, knowledge of music history, increase the development of the  their vocal skills, and to nurture their social and leadership skills within the group, giving them a better understanding of themselves & those around them.

The choirs at The Redeemer are all part of our identity as an Episcopal parish within the Diocese of Pennsylvania. It is important to know that even though we are part of a specific faith-based organization, we have participants (both youth and adult) who are from varying religious backgrounds such as Jewish, Catholic, Russian Orthodox, Baptist, and Presbyterian to name a few.

We encourage this diversity in backgrounds, especially in the children’s programs. This notion is at the very heart of The Church of the Redeemer: “there are no insiders and outsiders......Our churchyard, our church building, our facilities, our programs, our ministries, and our worship are open to all, because openness without limitation is the keenest form of spiritual alertness”.

However, we do not indoctrinate our participants or sway their faith leanings one way or the other. Rather, we have an organic approach as to how people come to feel about their own beliefs through their involvement in our parish. The children and adults experience opportunities for outreach, for mission work, travel abroad, professional-level concerts, and for the enjoyment of fellowship within the groups; forming friendships and linking bonds that last a very long time.

Contact Organist & Director of Music Dr. Michael Diorio for an audition appointment.

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Cherub Choir


Newly started in September 2009, this choir introduces young children (K-3rd grade) to music and singing. Young members learn the fundamentals of music and singing—ear training, reading, and simple music concepts—before matriculating to the Redeemer Choristers. The Cherub Choir sings one Sunday each month at the 9 am service. Katy Gentry conducts this choir.


Rehearsals Wednesdays 5-6:00pm
    Sunday 9:30am (as scheduled)
    Services Sunday 9am (as scheduled)


Redeemer Choristers


The combined choir of boys and girls forms one large children’s choir (grades 4-8). Consisting of approximately 23 children, this choir meets twice weekly to learn more intermediate skills in vocal production, music theory, reading, liturgy training, and practice. It serves at the 9:00 liturgy on the first and third Sundays of the month. This choir serves to bring formative experience to the children in a way that enables them to understand why we do what we do. All children are welcome to join. We use the Voice for Life curriculum as set forth by the Royal School of Church Music, each chorister is tested to assess their ability and awarded a ribbon to indicate their level.

Rehearsals Tue. & Wed. 6-7:30pm
    Sunday 8-8:50am (1st & 3rd)
    Services Sunday (1st & 3rd) 9am (and as scheduled)


Schola Cantorum

Schola-for-Brochure-3This choir consists of both young men and women in grades 9-12. With some exception, an eighth grader or highly skilled seventh grader may be permitted to sing within the group. Many of these choristers have grown up through the music program and matriculate into this high school-age choir. The teens continue to learn musical and liturgical concepts, as well as more advanced repertoire. This choir serves at the 9:00 liturgy on the second and fourth Sunday of the month. They also participate in concerts and special events. During July 2011, the choir traveled to Italy for a Music and Mission Trip representing The Redeemer.

 Rehearsals Tue. 7:30-9pm
    Sunday 8-8:50am (2nd & 4th)
    Services Sunday (2nd & 4th) 9am (and as scheduled)


Schola in Italy - July 2011

Redeemer Choir

This is the main parish choir responsible for serving at the 9:00am Sunday morning service. This choir consists of both volunteers and professionals, high school age and up. The choir sings and leads scheduled liturgical music as well as music for extra events, such as special services or concerts. All are welcome to join this choir.

 Rehearsals Wednesdays 7:30-9pm
    Sunday 8-8:50am
    Services Sunday 9am (and as scheduled)



Chancel Choir


This choir, consisting of both volunteers and professionals, serves at the 11:15am Sunday service, which may be a service of Choral Matins, Morning Prayer, or Holy Eucharist. This group’s skill level allows them to only rehearse on Sunday morning to learn music for the liturgy about an hour before it begins. It is a specialized choir that is able to offer diverse music of varying degrees of difficulty for a very specific style of liturgy.

Rehearsals Sunday 10:20-11:05am
    Services Sunday 11:15am (and as scheduled)


Church of the Redeemer - 230 Pennswood Road - Bryn Mawr, PA 19010