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Regular Season Sunday Schedule

September to June

8:00 am Holy Eucharist Rite I, spoken

9:30 am Holy Eucharist Rite II, with music
Choral Matins - Last Sunday of the Month

10:40 am Coffee Hour
10:45 am Church School & Adult Forum

4:00 pm (starting in October)
1st - Evensong
2nd - Informal Eucharist
3rd - Vespers


Differences in the Sunday Worship Services

By Peter Vanderveen

The worship of The Episcopal Church is richly varied in substance and style. In keeping with this richness, we provide three different experiences of worship each Sunday.

The 8:00 amam service is a meditative celebration of the Eucharist in the more formal language of Rite One. Its consistent rhythm as a spoken service provides a simple yet grounded recitation of our faith.

The 9:30 am service is more robust and proclamatory in its pageantry, music, and variation. We use different expressions of the Eucharistic liturgy, and at regular intervals we observe appointed feasts for saints of the church in a simplified intergenerational service.
On the last Sunday of the month, this liturgy is an abridged form of Choral Matins, designed to give emphasis to beauty, prayerfulness, and the unique expression of the Psalms. Its mood will be distinct from the other Sunday morning services, and its focus will be in providing a particular experience of sabbath, offering space for solace and reason for strength. Communion from the reserved sacrament is offered each week following this service.

Ministries with Children

We believe every child is uniquely created and loved by God.  It is our hope and desire that The Redeemer’s Children’s Formation programs would share God’s love with our children, guiding them as they grow in that love and helping them to identify and use the gifts God has provided them. 

Our programs are designed to support families as they guide their children in a faith that deeply informs the way they perceive and interact in the world. We believe faith formation is a lifelong pursuit that finds its foundation on Sunday mornings, but flourishes when cultivated each and every day.  As such, we encourage families to bring children to Church as often as possible in order to take full advantageous of our Children’s Formation opportunities that happen during and after Worship.  We offer Children’s Formation programs for children and youth of all ages.

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