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2013 Outreach Grants

Outreach Grants

The Redeemer’s hand in improving the lives of the elderly, disabled, women and children both locally and throughout the world

“Most of the organizations that we fund have small operating budgets and are requesting grants to provide a service or to complete a project that serves a challenged or marginalized population. Sometimes our process is tedious but we are thoughtful about our grants so that we can fund all or most of a request, thus ensuring success and truly making a difference. I love knowing that we are making a meaningful contribution. “

                  Outreach Grants Committee member
                  Susan Ayres

The Outreach Grants Committee is currently composed of 15 members, most of whom have a connection to institutions to whom money is granted, or are members of one of our funding sources—The Shop (sadly, now out of business), The Bazaar or the Vestry. We welcome new members, so anyone interested is invited to join the committee!

Members in 2013 are: Sam Morris (chair), Susan Ayres, Carolyn Bennett, Stephen Billings, Jan Clarke-Gross, Lou DeLisser, Julia DeMoss, Jane Hastings, Ed Lewis, Deann Mills, Carolyn Morris, Marda Schropp, Leslie Susskind and Susan Van Allen. Peter Vanderveen serves as clergy liaison. In the Spring, the Vestry appointed Blair Stambaugh and Ellen Wang to be its liaisons with the Committee.

We meet nine times a year, generally on the third Thursday of the month at 5:30pm. In the fall we review our mission and guidelines and allocate any remaining funds. In January, we have a pretty good idea of the funds that will be available for that year’s grants, so we begin to invite and receive applications, which are due no later than April 15. As we receive applications, we review the work and financial picture of applicant institutions: on paper, by phone or by personal visit. By May we begin to make preliminary grants, and at our June meeting we finalize grant monies. Checks are sent out not later than June 30. We support programs that are Diocesan, local, regional and global. We support programs that provide food, assist the elderly and homeless, and support inner city youth programs. A complete list of our 2013 grants follows below.

The amounts allocated for Food for Friends, Christmas Food (formerly Christmas Baskets), St. Gabriel’s Saturday lunch program and IHN—Miscellaneous are drawn against their allocations throughout the year as needed.

Click here for a listing of the 2013 Outreach Grants.

Outreach Grants
Our support in the past has generally been to smaller organizations rather than to ones with large, substantial budgets. A list of the organizations the Committee supported over the years can be found in the Annual Reports of the Parish. The mission of Outreach Grants is to provide meaningful support to programs and institutions whose work directly impacts, and seeks to improve, the lives of the elderly, disabled, women and children both locally and throughout the world. Funds for distribution through the Outreach Grants program are largely raised through the efforts of the annual Christmas Bazaar and the ongoing efforts of The Shop.

Click here for a copy of the Outreach Grants section of the 2013 Annual Report.

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