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2016 Outreach Grants Information


2016 Outreach Grant Application Guidelines and Instructions for 2016.

        Click here for grant instructions and application in WORD document.

        Click here for grant instructions and application in a PDF.

2016 Grant Applications will be due Friday, March, 12, 2016.

If you have questions, please contact Julia DeMoss, Outreach Grants chair.

2015 Outreach Grants


The Outreach Grants Committee has made its grants for 2015. We distributed 14 grants amounting to $114,500. Our budget was funded this year from three sources:

  1. an allocation from the Vestry of $35,150;
  2. the proceeds from the Friday night party at the Merion Cricket Club ($46,900) and the Saturday Christmas Bazaar ($24,900) totaling $71,800;
  3. and we added $7,550 from the Outreach Grants reserve fund. This allowed us to give additional money to ECS for a new project in Darby and we also added one new agency – The House, a shelter for homeless women in Phoenixville.


Grants were made to:

            Episcopal Community Services

            Food for Friends Lunch Program

            Main Line Meals on Wheels


            Interfaith Hospitality Network of the Main Line

            St. Gabriel’s Mission Saturday Lunch Program

            Diocesan Summer Youth Camps – one of which was the Redeemer Youth Group

                 Summer CityCamp week at St. Gabriel’s    

            Camp Dreamcatcher

            Camp GetAlong

            Church of the Advocate Café – formerly Soup Kitchen

            St. James Episcopal School special projects

            CONNECT at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church

            Church of the Redeemer Youth Group summer mission work at St. Gabriel’s

            The House


There is more detailed information below. If you wish to learn more about the agencies, click on those with links to the website.

At the June meeting, Sam Morris stepped down as Chair. The Outreach Grants Committee is most appreciative of Sam’s outstanding leadership and service over the last 12 years. Julia DeMoss succeeded Sam as Chair. If you are interested in joining the committee, or have questions about our work, please contact Julia.

2015 Outreach Grants Committee Total Allocations
$ 114,450 

Thanks to income from The Bazaar, Your Stewardship Pledges and Joyful Giving

Outreach Grants
have been made in 2015 to the following organizations, to date. 

Episcopal Community Services     $57,000
  includes Dolphins, ECS Youth Program and
Darby Program run by Doris Rajagapol
Food Ministries     $16,500
  Food for Friends $7,000  
       Deann Mills, Chair    
  Main Line Meals on Wheels $2,500  
  St. Gabriel’s Mission $4,000  
       Jan Clarke & Bill Gross, Chairs    
  CONNECT Program $3,000  
       St. Stephen’s Church, Upper Darby    
Homeless     $18,000
  Interfaith Hospitality Network of the Main Line $7,000  
       host week supplies & furnishings    
       Mary Hopkins Coordinator    
  Church of the Advocate Soup Kitchen $5,000  
  The Home in Phoenixville $5,000  
Summer Camps     $16,700
  Diocesan Summer Youth Camp $9,500  
  Camp Dreamcatcher $2,100  
  Camp Get Along $3,500  
  St. Gabriel’s City Camp $1,600  
       Redeemer Youth Group's summer mission
Elderly     $5,250
  ElderNet $5,250  
Philadelphia/ Youth Enrichment     $1,000
  St. James School $1,000  
        Carol Chew, Coordinator    


Church of the Redeemer - 230 Pennswood Road - Bryn Mawr, PA 19010