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2014 Outreach Grants

The Redeemer Outreach Grants Committee’s Mission is to award grants which provide significant support to programs and institutions whose work directly impacts and seeks to improve the lives of God’s people who have critical needs – particularly the elderly, women, and children. 

In the last three years, the Committee has eliminated several agencies from consideration to focus on additional support for organizations considered to be core to our mission, particularly within our local area. We also provide support to Parish Mission projects: African Children’s Mission, Food for Friends, the 2014 Choir Trip, Interfaith Hospitality Network of the Main Line (IHN-ML), the Blankenburg/St. James School projects with Carol Chew, and the St. Gabriel’s Saturday lunch program.

The Committee usually meets eight times a year with no meetings in the summer and November. The bulk of the Committee’s work takes place in the winter and spring during which time we conduct site visits, review and discuss grant applications, and allocate available funds to applicant organizations. We finalize our allocations at our June meeting, which for the last two years has been a pot luck dinner at Carolyn and Sam Morris’ home. Checks are mailed to the recipient organizations in late June.

The Committee does not commit all of its budgeted funds in June. We make additional grants in December to organizations whom we believe have serious needs going into the next year and who could use additional help. In December, the Committee made additional grants to IHN-ML, African Children’s Mission, Episcopal Community Services, Camp Dreamcatcher, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church for the CONNECT program, and ElderNet. These amounts in the chart on the next page reflect the cumulative grants to the organizations, including funds raised in Joyful Giving.

In 2014, the Parish budget allocated $35,150 to the Outreach Grants Committee. The balance of the Committee’s funds came from the Outreach Dinner at the Merion Cricket Club and the Christmas Bazaar. In addition, Parish members contributed a total of $3,255 to the five organizations and Christmas Baskets ($550) designated by the Committee for its Christmas Joyful Giving program. Four of those organizations are ones in which the Parish is actively involved.

The Committee thanks the many members of the Parish who supported our Parish Mission Projects during the year as well as the other agencies to which the Committee made monetary grants. The Committee also thanks all members of the Parish who independently support other organizations that work with the elderly, children, and women and families without homes through both their financial gifts and gifts of time.

The Committee would like to thank the Vestry and all those who in 2014 supported the Merion Dinner and its live and silent auctions (particular Susan Van Allen, Susan Bloom, Beth Ganns, Carolyn Morris, and Bill Susskind) and the Saturday Christmas Bazaar Committee. The great success in 2014 of both the Merion Outreach Dinner and the Saturday Bazaar will contribute additional funds that are available for the Committee’s important work in 2015. We are extremely grateful for the work put in by all individuals involved in these two efforts. We look forward to a successful year in 2015.

Outreach Grants Committee Total Allocations
(Including Joyful Giving)


Camp Dreamcatcher

Episcopal Community Services

Camp GetAlong  

IHN - miscellaneous funding

IHN - Main Line


Diocesan Summer Youth Camp

Main Line Meals on Wheels


Church of the Advocate Soup Kitchen

Blankenburg/St. James School Projects

Food for Friends

Choir Mission Trip

St. Gabriel’s

Dolphins of Delaware Valley





















Outreach Grants
Our support in the past has generally been to smaller organizations rather than to ones with large, substantial budgets. A list of the organizations the Committee supported over the years can be found in the Annual Reports of the Parish. The mission of Outreach Grants is to provide meaningful support to programs and institutions whose work directly impacts, and seeks to improve, the lives of the elderly, disabled, women and children both locally and throughout the world. Funds for distribution through the Outreach Grants program are largely raised through the efforts of the annual Christmas Bazaar and the ongoing efforts of The Shop.

Click here for a copy of the Outreach Grants section of the 2014 Annual Report.

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