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In contrast to Daniel Defoe’s lengthy 1665 account of the Great Plague of London, reports of how The Redeemer weathered the challenges of Covid Year 2020, could be summarized in two words, “Who knew?”

Indeed, not many a seer, noting the Covid lockdowns begun in March would have projected that the church would finish the year with the $12.4 million Parish House nearing completion, and the endowment heartier by another $2 million; or that 2020 was operationally and financially successful, ending in a surplus; or that a total of 302 pledging units would increase their giving by 12 %.

And supposedly in 1665, Isaac Newton—working at home—was bonked by an apple and uttering, “Eureka ! Gravity !” but even that genius could not have foreseen the Zoom and Livestream technologies that made over 150 live connections possible each Sunday, allowing Redeemer families to worship virtually, while the same electronic magic enabled meeting-goers to virtually tour the new Parish House, and admire how the generosity and commitment of 275 parishioners brought the project about.

The reports of retiring Rector's Warden, Andrew Masterman, and Accounting Warden Mackie MacLean, were both optimistic and forward-looking, Andrew noting that the “resiliency” the parish had shown was carried forward by the Vestry in initiating a new strategic plan designed to further The Redeemer as a welcoming community; allow for enhanced worship and growth together; and strengthen the parish’s impact in the world.

In furtherance of that goal, and in recognition of their roles in bringing it about, retiring Vestry members Carolyn Morris, Susan Adenyi-Jones, Andrew, and Mackie were heartily thanked for their efforts and new members Paul Adkins, Chris Zafiriou, Susan Rushing and Jennifer Vollmer-Kopas welcomed on board.

Rector Peter Vanderveen summarized 2020, noting “My first word to you is ‘thank you.’ None of us expected this kind of year and you have responded beautifully, strongly and well. Our doors are open every day and it’s been astounding how many people, many of whom we do not know, came and utilized this space. We could not have done this without your support. Carrying on ministry in a pandemic is extraordinarily difficult, seeing you is the heart of what we are about.”


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Annual Report 2020

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