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Capsule Case for Support


Campus & Parish House Plans


Campus Development Q & A
A list of questions answered by the campus committee.
New questions will be added monthly.

   1.  What space do we gain?

2. Our Campus Redevelopment An Intentional Welcome

Redesign of Parish House Entrance


In response to parishioners' input, the entrance to the new Parish House
has been redesigned with more doors and glass.

Capsule Case for Support

A Place of Invitation, Gathering and Passage

Our buildings and grounds are more than just physical spaces—they are a manifestation of our faith and evoke a sense of solace and strength. They physically remind us of the things that abide.

Our campus helps us mark and more fully inhabit time: here we worship, celebrate new beginnings through marriages and baptisms, remember and hallow those in previous generations from whom we have received a legacy of love and care, and are reminded of our mortal and immortal lives.

The witness and work of the church uniquely connects us to our past, enriches our present, and inspires us to live in hope on behalf of those who in the future will also discover and advance the traditions of our enduring institution.

In 2007-08, we raised $5.7 million in the “silent phase” of a capital campaign for the renovation of the church. Our goal was to conserve its Gothic revival elegance, improve its functionality, and better serve the liturgical needs and desires of our present age. The parish community invested $3.7 million in this restoration and renovation, which was completed in 2010.

It was anticipated then that we would continue with further capital fundraising to fully execute our Campus Master Plan and begin an essential renovation of the original 1889 Parish House and its 1955 addition. This expectation was interrupted by the economic downturn of 2008/09, which allowed us, simultaneously then, to pause in action, review our plans, and develop new perspectives in collaboration with our new rector.

Today’s Need and the Opportunity

The Parish House is the engine of our parish life. It is the center for child and adult education, community outreach, pastoral programs, and administrative operations and is in use seven days a week. Our plans for Parish House will make this vital center of parish life a true “home,” welcoming all, supporting our programs and fellowship, and standing as a symbol of our commitment to future generations. Our primary goals are to:

    •       reclaim every foot of floor space of the Parish House to more efficiently build and cultivate a vibrant community

    •       ensure the Parish House space is central to the practice of our faith at The Redeemer 

    •       enhance the welcoming message of The Redeemer to members and potential members of our community

    •       strengthen the physical foundation of The Redeemer to ensure its duration for future generations

In collaboration with architect Christopher Miller of John Milner Architects, we have developed a transformational plan for the Parish House that unifies the architecture of the campus, creating more integration between the church, the Parish House and the churchyard. The plan for Parish House includes a complete renovation of the historic 1889 section, along with the adjacent Sexton’s Cottage, plus the addition of a new wing to replace the outmoded 1955 structure. Each element of the plan is designed to more fully realize the essential beauty of our campus, increase our efficiency, and support our mission as a community of faith.


Creating a Unified and Welcoming Campus

Our campus is an extraordinary asset passed on to us, and one that must be stewarded. It is presently divided by the drive that removes the churchyard from the rest of our parish life. With this renovation the campus as a whole will become a place of respite, hope, and inspiration, more effectively evoking the enduring promise of God to us.


There are three essential components of today’s Campus and Parish House Plan:

  1. The removal and replacement of the 1955 Parish House Building

In spring 2015 we engaged the services of Entech Engineering to complete a Facilities Condition Assessment of all of our buildings. The 1955 addition to the Parish House is deficient in so many ways that it is not cost effective to fix it. We propose a newly built Parish House “wing” to provide long-term solutions to old problems and create new opportunities important for our continued vitality. This new building, fully handicapped-accessible and air-conditioned, will meld with our historic Parish House in an “L” configuration. The new entrance will be at grade with the parking lot, and will lead directly into a spacious entrance hall. An elevator, centrally located near the main entrance, will provide accessibility to all levels. The new wing will house our nursery, clergy and staff offices, classrooms with more flex space, a music library, and much needed increased storage areas. The new configuration of the Parish House will provide us a natural space for a new playground, and an outdoor Terrace and Courtyard for parish-wide gatherings or receptions and community rentals.


  1. The renovation of the historic Parish House and Sexton’s Cottage

Our forward-looking plans will re-purpose the cramped, poorly-used spaces in our historic Parish House and Sexton’s Cottage. This will include renovation of the kitchen and kitchen-hallway; the creation of a dedicated space for parish teens in the old Thrift Shop space; and the complete gutting of the Sexton’s Cottage to create a two-story Sexton’s Hall that will be enhanced by our magnificent – now-stored – Rood Screen. This Hall will open directly into our corridor and Assembly Room, and it will increase contiguous community space, providing a hospitable atmosphere for classes, gatherings, and funeral and wedding groups.


  1. The reconfiguration and unification of the campus

The campus will be unified by the closer proximity of the Parish House entry to the Church, by passages through the churchyard to the Parish House, and by the elimination of the Fisher’s Road driveway to integrate that outdoor space into the landscape of the Parish House courtyard. The north corner, now rarely used or noticed, will become a lively and compelling part of campus activity.


The estimated total cost for the new construction is $10 million. $2 million remains from the 2007-2008 campaign. In addition to raising $8 million for construction funding, we are seeking $2 million for endowment to ensure that we are positioned to respond adequately to operational and programmatic priorities that arise in the future.


The Redeemer is a thriving parish community—our membership is stable and growing, new families seek us out as their home church, our extraordinary music and education programs enhance our worship and fellowship, and our many ministries provide ways for all parishioners to actively engage in the mission of the Church.

We encourage you to be a part of our mission in the months ahead as we seek to implement these plans. This is a time of rare opportunity for our parish and the church in general.

Set in stone at the high altar of the church are the words fides, spes, caritas: faith, hope, love. In an age of such busyness, unrest, and anxiety, the church provides this solace and strength in word and song and sacrament, in fellowship and outreach, in remembrance and aspiration. The renovation of the Parish House and the integration of the campus will help us share this faith powerfully, now and for generations to come.

Campus & Parish House Plans 2016



Click on the graphic to the right for a PDF booklet of our exciting plans for our Campus and Parish House.

Campus Development Q & A
If you have a specific question for this column, submit it to
and it will be forwarded to the committee.


1. What space do we gain in the new Parish House design?

There are many reasons to aspire to do the proposed Campus Development Plan. The integration of the Parish House with the Church Yard will significantly improve our perception of the Redeemer campus as a unified whole. The flow within the buildings will greatly improve our Sunday mornings, our special events and our daily activities. One of the truly wonderful things about our revised plan for renovation of the Parish House is the increase in space we have achieved! This is accomplished first, by reclaiming unused and under utilized space in the Sexton’s Cottage and the 1885 Building, and secondly, by adding the new wing on the building. By tearing down the 1955 building, and building the new wing on the 1885 Building, we achieve a net gain of just under 1,900 sq. ft. of space. But, because of the way we’ve configured the floor plans we actually gain 2300 sq. ft. of meeting space! We gain 3 additional meeting rooms or classrooms (actually 4 if we divide the large room under the offices into 2 rooms.) And, it’s more useful space: the capacity of the building increases from 393 people to 505. And, that is only looking at the spaces for Program—we also have the new two story office complex! This is a Parish House that should serve the needs of the congregation now and for generations to come.

2. Our Campus Redevelopment An Intentional Welcome

From the beginning, our campus planning project has been grounded in an understanding of Christian hospitality and welcoming.

Our goals are:

  • To make it beautiful and inviting.
  • To create an integrated relationship between the Church, Churchyard and Parish House.
  • To assure that all parts of the campus are easy to understand and navigate.

The architecture, interiors, landscaping and lighting are all design elements that will be developed in concert to embody these three goals in what we build.

We have planned a campus and buildings that are “easy to read,” that create comfort and allow people to feel at home quickly. A wide, clear pathway from the Church directly to the Parish House communicates, “Ah, this is where I need to go.” The new Entry Hall creates a central point for clear direction to all areas in the Parish House. A view from the Entry Hall through glass doors to the outside courtyard gives a quick “lay of the land” to the outline of building. The immediate visibility of the receptionist area upon entering says, “Yes, someone is home.” Easy, first floor access to coat storage, restrooms, elevator and nursery, all assist newcomers in getting quickly acclimated. Natural light throughout the Parish House expresses welcoming and provides a lift to the spirits.

All points of entry to the new Parish House are planned to reflect the open nature of our community. Each entrance has been re-thought to remove barriers, and improve beauty so that the building clearly invites the outsider in. The elevator, ramps, handrails, effective signage and well-designed lighting will all be integrated to create an environment planned to reduce stress for people of all levels of mobility.

A beautiful, comfortable space conveys the care of the community who created it and respect for the people who will use it. These new plans feature both planned meeting areas and informal gathering spaces that support opportunities for connection and allow a natural flourishing of fellowship.

Our goal is for all to feel an uplifting spirit of welcoming as they enter and experience our new Parish House.

Church of the Redeemer - 230 Pennswood Road - Bryn Mawr, PA 19010