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Informational Meetings



At its October meeting, the vestry unanimously approved the hiring of the consulting firm Schultz and Williams to conduct a new financial assessment study to determine the donor support of our longstanding plans to both renovate the Parish House and improve the campus surrounding it.

This is a significant step forward for us and represents the fruition of several years of work revising and refining draft plans that were first presented at the Annual Meeting in 2012. In the time since, we have made careful assessments of the program and space needs of the parish, the condition and functionality of our buildings, the efficacy of the configuration of our campus, and the changes and developments that will serve The Redeemer well into the future.

The plans we have developed, in collaboration with our architect Christopher Miller, preserve the best of our assets and reclaim much of our building spaces that for various reasons have fallen into disuse. In addressing the issues specific to the Parish House, we also realized the opportunity to reconfigure the north east corner of our campus to more effectively integrate the Parish House with the church and churchyard. We have been blessed with a campus set apart and uninterrupted by other houses and businesses. This is a rare and great benefit, made all the more important at a time when many churches go unnoticed. We have worked diligently to come to the point where our plans present a responsible and exciting vision for the life and ministry of the church—both now and for generations to come.

We would like to share these plans with you and have scheduled two initial dates when we can unveil our work and begin the greater discussion that will be vital to the success of this project and the long-term potential for the church to thrive. These dates are:

            10:30 AM - Sunday, November 29, and

            5:00 PM - Sunday, December 6.

Both meetings will be in the Assembly Room. The first will be in the usual hour set aside for Adult Forums. The second will be complemented with wine and hors d’oeuvres.

We will be posting much information about the plans and process on our website ( and invite you to review the documents there.

As parishioners of The Redeemer we are all beneficiaries of the faith and generosity of those who founded and built this church. Many are buried in our churchyard, and part of our stewardship is to honor their legacy. We can do that, faithfully creating a campus for our current needs and one that will provide a place of solace and strength for those who come after us. We hope that you will join in this thrilling venture.

Church of the Redeemer - 230 Pennswood Road - Bryn Mawr, PA 19010