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We are pleased that Philadelphia Brass is the Ensemble-in-Residence at Church of the Redeemer. This means that The Redeemer will be the home base” for the majority of the groups practice sessions and, possibly, for several recordings. Philadelphia Brass will also be with us for major feast days and special events.

Philadelphia Brass was formed in 1988 by professional musicians of Eastern Pennsylvania to pursue their common goals: performing the best of the brass quintet repertoire spanning all periods and styles, and educating the public to the pleasures, subtleties, and complexities of chamber music.

The group has collaborated in performances with bands, choruses, organists and dancers. It has performed educational programs for grade-school children, college students, and adults of all ages; coached grade school instrumentalists and taught a master class for the brass students of Juilliard. Critics and public alike have enthusiastically praised the appealing diversity of repertoire, technical virtuosity, humorous and informative educational programs, and superb musicality of the Philadelphia Brass members.

The ensembles playing has been praised as artistry of the highest caliber” and dazzling technique”. The esteemed American composer Daniel Pinkham has written that Philadelphia Brass is the most artistic brass quintet before the public today.” 

We are delighted that this august ensemble is in our midst. Their presence among broadens the musical offerings we are able to present at The Redeemer.

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Brian Kuszyk, trumpet

Steven Heitzer, trumpet

Anthony Cecere, horn

Robert Gale, trombone

Scott Mendoker, tuba