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Relocation Bulletins

Check here for updates and information you will need during the construction of the new Parish House. Listings will appear chronologically from the most recent to the oldest.


New Locations During Construction

The Parish House Annex is comprised of temporary units located next to the Church on the Pennswood Road side.
The Youth Cottage (217 Pennswood Road) is directly across Pennswood Road from the Church and set back next to the house where the Temporary Offices are located in 211 Pennswood Road

Parish Offices
211 Pennswood Road.
When you visit, park in the spaces at the front of the house or more parking in the rear of the house. Please do not park on Pennswood Road during the week.

Church School
Nursery – Infant to Age 3   Parish House Annex Room 2
Catechesis I – Age 3   Parish House Annex Room 1
Godly Play – Grades 1-3   Parish House Annex Room 4B
Good Shepherd – Grades 4 & 5   Parish House Annex Room 4A

Youth Programs
WPG 13 – Grades 6-8   Youth Cottage at 217 Pennswood Road
Youth Confirmation   Youth Cottage at 217 Pennswood Road
RYG – High School Youth Group   Youth Cottage at 217 Pennswood Road

Adult Forums   Church Nave

Coffee Hour   Parish House Annex

Women Exploring Scripture   Parish House Annex

Gathering of Men   Parish House Annex

Cherub Choir   Parish House Annex

Resident Training Choir   Parish House Annex

Twelve Step Groups   Parish House Annex

Most Parish Committees   Parish House Annex

The "Dig" Begins
October 17, 2019 (25 photos)
Photos of more demolition and preparation inside and the beginning of the "dig" for the new construction foundation.
More Demo Photos
October 11, 2019 (18 photos)
More photos of the inside demolition going on in the 1889 Parish House.
Inside Demo October 3
October 3, 2019 (21 photos)
Although there was not much visible from the outside, there was much work going on inside--taking down walls, etc.
Sept 16-20 Time Lapse Video

Drone Photos of the Demolition
September 2019 (34 photos)
Drone photos of Parish House demolition and construction site
Time Lapse of Parish House Demolition

Month of August 2019

Cumby Sign


  • Asbestos Abatement work to be completed by Friday, August 9, 2019. Connell-Greene Consulting, Inc. to issue the Clean Air Certificate.
  • The specified soil erosion controls and existing tree protection to be installed by W.S. Cumby’s site subcontractor starting Wed., August 7, 2019. Upon completion of these two items, Lower Merion Township’s arborist and building inspector will inspect the completed work for township compliance; upon receipt of their approval, W.S. Cumby is expecting the release of the approved Lower Merion Township Building Permit.
  • The removal of approximately. 3-5 existing trees in, or close to the construction area footprint has been scheduled for the week of August 12, 2019.
  • W.S. Cumby’s mechanical, electrical, and plumbing subcontractors will be working in the existing Parish House the week of August 12 to disconnect and cap existing utilities, in preparation for the start of the bulk demolition work.
  • W.S. Cumby’s bulk demolition subcontractor, Diplomat Demolition Company, is intending to commence all operations during the week of August 19, 2019 for the complete demolition and off-site removal of the front portion of the existing Parish House. This bulk demolition work is anticipated to take four weeks to complete. Interior demolition work, excavation, and foundation work will start immediately thereafter.
Week of July 29
As you can see, the construction fencing went up this week along with electrical hook-ups for construction. The asbestos abatement is anticipated to be completed by the end of next week with demolition of the 1950s portion of the Parish House scheduled to begin August 12. We hope to have the streaming camera up and operating with a live-feed on our website by then. We'll keep you posted.
Week of July 22
As the asbestos abatement continued (with more discovered), the two fuel tanks were removed on either side of the Parish House and the construction trailor was installed. The construction fencing should appear soon. You can view videos of the tank removals here on our Facebook page.
Week of July 15

The staff continued to settle into our "new" digs at 211 Pennswood Road. Stop in and visit! If you visit, use the driveway which has two parking spaces in the front with numerous more parking spaces in the rear of the house. Please do not park on Pennswood Road.

The asbestos abatement began in the old Parish House this week and is running slightly ahead of schedule. The Parish House is now officially a construction site and is off limits to any non-construction personel.

The fencing along with the construction trailor are scheduled to be installed next week. Soon after that we hope to have a live-streaming camera with a link on our website for you to have a birdseye view of all the happenings, particularly the demolition. 

Week of July 8
WOW, the evacuation of the Parish House was completed this week with the moving of the Parish Offices to 211 Pennswood Road. You will find us all there now. Here are a few photos of the old Parish House empty along with some from our "new" digs in 211.



Week of July 7

The Parish Offices will move to 211 Pennswood Road on Monday & Tuesday, July 7 & 8. Please be patient as we get settle in our "new" digs. We hope to be fully functional by the end of that week.

Week July 1

All items, with the exception of the OFFICES, will be moved out of the Parish House this week. All meetings and Sunday Nursery are now located in the Parish House Annex. The Parish Offices move next week July 7 & 8. Please allow for some down-time. We hope to be up and running by the end of the week.

Week of June 24

The Parish House closes to all meetings, both for parish committees and outside groups. All meetings will take place in the Parish House Annex (temporary units next to the church along Pennswood Rd) throughout the duration of the construction project. Begining Sunday, June 30, the Nursery will be housed in the Parish House Annex. The Parish Offices will continue to function in Parish House until Monday, July 8, at which time they will move to 211 Pennswood Rd. Please allow a few days for the "dust to settle" in the move. We hope to be up and functioning by the end of that week.

Week of June 2

Temporary units delivered and installation begins for the Parish House Annex located next to the Church along Pennswood Road. During construction, the Parish House Annex will be the home to the Sunday Nursery and Church School and meetings throughout the week.