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Annelies Poster 12_20_2019

A Timely Musical Offering
The First Choral Setting of the Diary of Anne Frank

By Michael Diorio

As 2020 commemorates the 75th-anniversary of the end of World War Two, the choirs of Church of the Redeemer (Bryn Mawr) will perform a work entitled Anneliesby James Whitbourn. This composition is the first adaptation of the diary of Anne Frank in a large-scale choral work. The chamber version of this oratorio is scored for chorus, soprano solo, clarinet, violin, cello and piano. 
Critically acclaimed soprano Arianna Zukerman will be accompanied by the famed Lincoln Trio, all of whom are Grammy nominated musicians. Michael Diorio will lead the choirs of Church of the Redeemer and conduct the performance on saturday, march 21, at 7:30. 
The holocaust was a devastatingly haunting part of history linked not only to the Jewish community but all of humanity. By performing this particular work we hope to connect faith communities and foster a sense of ecumenical resolve and unity. This work stirs an awareness of that which has been endured in the hope that tolerance and understanding will rise from the ashes of hate.
The performance of this work is timely on multiple levels, particularly given our world’s current events that seem to smolder with intolerance, as the brutal attacks on places of worship in the past few months have alarmingly shown. The words and music transcend the boundaries of religious difference, they speak beyond dogma, and form an expression of the divine.
The text is unadorned. The words are simple, originating in a young girl with a most unique optic of her place in the world: what it could be, and the reality of what it was for her.  With her own words, set to song, we hope to bridge generations by the relevance of that narrative.
We hope our church family and surrounding community will be sure to place this very special offering on their calendars and join us in March. 
Second Sunday Evensongs

By Michael Diorio

This season will feature a new offering for evening worship. Beginning in October, and continuing through the program year, we will hold Choral Evensong at 5pm on the second Sunday of each month. This service will be in addition to our regular Sunday worship schedule, and will feature a rotation of our various choral ensembles at The Redeemer. 
It is our hope that our Evensongs will not only offer a meaningful supplement to our morning services, but will also provide a convenient time for families who are unable to attend the morning service to still experience The Redeemer, amidst our families’ densely scheduled weekends.  
Evensong is part of the Daily Office, the late-day counterpart to Morning Prayer. It is a non-Eucharistic choral service that offers hymnody, psalms, lessons appointed for the evening, choral canticles and anthems.  This service is also ideal for those who would like to experience the fullness of a Sunday liturgical expression without encountering repetition, as the readings and music for Evening prayer are entirely different from those appointed for the morning. 
The Redeemer in the evening is a totally different experience; the church space presages a hallowed experience. The lighting, the spaces, and the stillness of the sanctuary all beckon us to experience a deeper awareness of the sacred.  We hope that you will choose to attend a few or ALL of the following Choral Evensongs. 
These Evensongs are in addition to our services for both All Souls and Lessons & Carols.