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2014 Choir Tour

Music & Mission Tour

Choirs to Travel to Salzburg, Vienna and Prague

ViennaThe Redeemer Music Department is excited to announce our second Music & Mission Trip, scheduled for summer, 2014. Our destinations will include cities in Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic. The trip is designed to allow all participants to take part in mission efforts, in addition to sharing their musical abilities. Much like the 2011 Italy trip, our events will be centered around service and outreach. Our participants will include members of the Choristers and Schola groups, as well as our staff singers and adult choir members.

Our venues were chosen so our children can feel a deeper connection to the music from these areas: learned and sung so much during the season. This experience will provide them not only a sense of accomplishment through singing in lands where the music originated, but more importantly, our choristers will understand and witness the power of music to extend to any place in the world.

In Vienna we’ll have the opportunity to sing a concert at St. Stephan’s Cathedral, and to serve as the choir for Sunday service at Christ Church Anglican, in addition to participating in an afternoon service project. While in Prague we will sing a concert at Melk Monastery, and we’ll perform another service project in a community just outside of the city. Also on the agenda is an afternoon benefit concert at the St. Nicholas Church, a small mission parish; the proceeds of the concert will help continue St. Nicholas’ outreach work within the community.

In Germany we’ll visit the small village of Eschenbach, in the Bavarian woods. Nearby is the largest US Army base in Germany, our stop on July 4. We’ll spend that afternoon with German students from the Eschenbach School of Music, rehearsing together for a joint concert. That evening we’ll return to the Army base to perform for the troops and attend the July 4 Celebrations.

Salzburg CathedralOur tour ends in Salzburg, where we’ll sing for services and present a concert at the Salzburg Cathedral. The children (and adults) will visit the Mozart Museum the next day and attend an afternoon concert. We’ll have a farewell dinner that evening and then transfer to Munich the next morning for our return home.

Especially for our younger singers, this tour will emphasize the power of music to touch others, to communicate kindness and hope, and to overcome barriers of language. It is my hope that this feeling will be universal for all participants, and that growth, both spiritual and musical, will result.

As we get deeper into the program year, many fundraising opportunities will present themselves: some familiar, and some new and exciting. These are all offered as efforts to prepare for and support the tour’s financing. Details and updates of our progress will be offered each month. We are deeply grateful for the support and aid of our parish to help us bring the same to others. 

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Appleford 2013
Schola Cantorum Performs at Dunwoody Village
This June 7, 2012, concert was part of the ongoing outreach efforts of our music program to bring The Redeemer to the community and to invite those unfamiliar with our programs to come and experience what is offered here.
Video of Ave Verum by Mawby

Video of Schola Cantorum on its Italy Music and Mission Tour July 2011
performing Mawby's Ave Verum here in Camigliano Church.

Video of Over My Head with soloist Danielle Muse

Danielle Muse sings solo in Over My Head in the village church of Camigliano, Italy. This was performed by Schola Cantorum of Church of the Redeemer, Bryn Mawr, PA during their Music & Mission Trip to Italy, July 2011.

Italty Tour video - Camigliano Church

Video of Schola Cantorum on its Italy Music and Mission Tour July 2011
performing here in Camigliano Church where they also performed with
Coro Puccini and were treated to dinner prepared by the women of the choir.
Camigliano is the birthplace of Puccini. 


YouTube Videos from Schola's July 2011 Music & Mission Trip
Church of the Redeemer - 230 Pennswood Road - Bryn Mawr, PA 19010